Cash-in app as the best automated crypto-to-naira app

Cash-in App is an automated crypto-to-naira app that automatically pays out to a user’s bank account naira equivalent when crypto is detected in the user’s Cash-in address.

With Cash-in, when your customer pays you with crypto, you will get the naira equivalent sent to your local bank account instantly.

When you download Cash-in. You fill in your bank details. And you will be assigned personal BTC, USDT, BUSD and USDC addresses. Only you will be assigned these particular addresses.

Anytime you or someone sends BTC, BUSD, USDT or USDC to your Cash-in addresses. They will automatically be converted to naira and sent to your bank account at the best rates.

Cash-in app
Crypto in, Cash out.




Who Can Use Cash-in

Diaspora community

Send crypto from anywhere in the world into your Cash-in address and receive the naira value paid into any Nigerian bank account you register on the app. Don’t have crypto to send now, then use fiat to buy crypto in the app and send (Powered by Transak).


Freelancers and Remote Workers

Getting your salary or wages in crypto but want it in naira instead? Then Cash-in is for you. Provide your Cash-in address to your employers. So anytime they pay you in crypto, you’ll get the naira value straight in your local bank account. No hassles. No delays.


Online/Offline Merchants

Cash-in powers commerce! When your customers pay you in crypto by sending to your Cash-in address, you’ll get the naira value straight in your local bank account immediately. Just display your Cash-in address or QR code to your customers and let Cash-in App do the rest when they pay you. Foreign currency payment options like USD, EUR, GBP, etc. are also available (Powered by Transak).


Crypto Users

Cash-in App liquidates your crypto into naira without any hassles or length processes. Just send crypto to your Cash-in address and get the naira value in your local bank account immediately.

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