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Alex Ekubo Calls Off Wedding With His Fiancée



Alex Ekubo Calls Off Wedding With His Fiancée
Alex Ekubo Calls Off Wedding With His Fiancée


The fiancée of actor Alex Ekubo, Fancy has un followed him on Instagram after she allegedly called off their wedding which is set to take place in November.


Alex Ekubo proposed to his long-time girlfriend Fancy a few months ago and they are set to tie the knot in November but rumors have it that his fiancée Fancy has called off the wedding with reasons not yet known to anyone.


According to a post sighted online, Fancy has blocked Alex Ekubo on Instagram and has deleted their official Instagram page falexxforever and after that has unfollowed Alex Ekubo as well on Instagram but he is still following her.


We are yet to know whether Fancy has indeed called off the wedding or not and to know the reason why she unfollowed Alex Ekubo on Instagram as everything appeared to be okay between them based on their posts.


Judging from their social media posts, everything seems to be alright between Alex Ekubo and his fiancee Fancy but this news of the break up shows that it wasn’t all that rosy between them as we thought or there might be other reasons for that.


A lot of people have been looking forward to seeing Alex Ekubo walk down the aisle but guess that isn’t going to happen in November as we expected if it turns out that indeed his fiancee Fancy has called off the wedding per the rumors going around