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#BBNaija 2021:See Housemate Caught Cuddling Already(Video)



#BBNaija 2021: An Exclusive Tour in the BBNaija House [video]
BBNaija 2021:See Housemate Caught Cuddling Already(Video)


Big Brother Nigeria season 6 housemates, Sammie and Angel, seems to be getting along smoothly hours after they were introduced on the BBNaija reality show.

The two have been seen having their own type of fun throughout the day. They were spotted somewhere in the house alone, chatting about their personal life. Few moments into their conversation, Sammie was seen giving Angel a feet massage.

Angel is a proud feminist, and her friends describe her as a drama queen. This 21-year-old likes to meet new people and loves nothing more than to analyse them and believes being on Big Brother Naija will help her kick-start her journey in writing and cinematography.

Sammie, on the other hand, enjoys storytelling, videography, basketball, eating and hanging out, and describes himself as “tall, handsome and charismatic”. He admits he talks too much at times and sometimes ends up gossiping.

In BBNaija, ‘ship’ is used to describe a romantic relationship and close friendship between a male and female housemate.

While some fans want the ship to sail, others think it’s a bad idea for Sammy and Angel to be an item in the house.

Watch the video below;