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Daddy Freeze Reveals Why He Dined With Hushpuppi



Daddy Freeze Reveals Why He Dined With Hushpuppi



Controversial media person Daddy Freeze has opened up on why he built a relationship with internet fraudster Ramon Abass well known as Hushpuppi.

It would be recalled that investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo disclosed a few days ago that the alleged fraudster Hushpuppi has named Dino Melaye, Linda Ikeji, Daddy Freeze, and some others as his accomplices. According to Kemi Olunloyo, Dino Melaye and Linda Ikeji were aware the source of income of Hushpuppi was frauding however, Daddy Freeze had no idea what Hushpuppi did for a living.

In a video sighted on Daddy Freeze’s page, he disclosed that he built a connection with Hushpuppi because the church turned their back at him and the only person who stood by him was Hushpuppi.

He further explained that although he doesn’t support fraud in any way, he will not deny the fact that the alleged fraudster Hushpuppi is a nice and loving person who showed him immerse love at a point when the church portrayed wickedness to him.

Daddy Freeze stated that the wickedness he received from the church and his close friends when he started his series of “excesses of the church” brought him much closer to where he could get support and love.

“If the church stood by me in my trying times will I answer Hushpuppi when he sent a cab to pick to take me to meet where he was… If I see Hushpuppi I go give him my mind say this thing wey you do na nonsense, but I’ll never take it away from the fact that he’s a lovely warm person who showed me love at a point in my life when I was surrounded by wickedness from the church”

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