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Jennifer Lopez wears Le Vian in Instagram post



Jennifer Lopez wears Le Vian in Instagram post
Jennifer Lopez wears Le Vian in Instagram post


52 year old singer and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo, debuted a set of custom Le Vian rings on her Instagram this week, paired with a green embroidered dress and accompanied by the song ‘Young at Heart’ by Frank Sinatra, symbolising fairy tales and magic. This is represented in her jewelery choices, which included a set of Yellow Gold and Diamond rings, exuding luxury.

About Le Vian
Le Vian is a New York headquartered, family owned jewelry company. With a history rooted in the royalty of ancient Persia, today Le Vian is a firm favorite with Hollywood royalty. When in 1746, Persia’s Nadir Shah conquered India, he chose the LeVian family to guard the royal jewels he had plundered, including the legendary Koh-I-Noor diamond, currently among the British Crown Jewels. To perpetuate the LeVian family legacy, Le Vian is committed to investing in innovation, to having every design start with an original idea, to democratizing luxury by making fine jewelry affordable and by treating its collectors like members of its own family.