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#EndSARS: Lady Claims Her Boyfriend Ghost Visited Her



#EndSARS: Lady Claims Her Boyfriend Ghost Visited Her
#EndSARS: Lady Claims Her Boyfriend Ghost Visited Her

A young Nigeria lady Identified as Derin whose boyfriend was reportedly killed along other innocent Nigerians during the EndSARS protest at lekki toll gate, has shared an unbelievable story relating to the aftermath of his death.

Derin, said her late boyfriend Okechukwu Nathaniel visited and shared his password with her in her dream which she needed very badly.

According to her, few days after her boyfriend, Oke died, before he was buried she needed his SuperHI password and mysteriously got it in her dream. Derin said the encounter has reinforced her belief in spirituality.


She wrote;

“After Oke passed (before he was laid to rest), I needed his SuperHi password and I asked him. Anyway, I slept for a few hours and I got it. I can(t) explain how but I’m not making this up. Spirituality is real and unexplainable.

I have a lot more stories. From how I saw that something was about to happen to how he came around to say goodbye after passing the night before we identified his body. Whenever I think of these things, I randomly wonder what on earth. These are no coincidences”.

Perhaps its denial on the part of Derin, or maybe its actually true but one fact remains that a lot of loved ones were torn apart during the end sars massacre and yet nothing tangible has changed, we can only pray their death would not have been in vain.