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Fan Mocks Wizkid Over Cubana’s Mama Burial



Fan Mocks Wizkid Over Cubana’s Mama Burial
Fan Mocks Wizkid Over Cubana’s Mama Burial

CEO Passyxchange has made a mockery of Wizkid saying Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial has made him totally irreverent on his own birthday says many people forget about his birthday.

Today is the 31st birthday of Wizkid and Obi Cubana is burying his mother this weekend which begins from today and the videos from the burial ground are what almost everyone on social media is talking about now.

This gentleman reacting to the videos and photos from Obi Cubana’s mother burial made fun of Wizkid saying the videos from the burial ground have made us forget about Wizkid’s birthday as he’s not being celebrated as expected.

This guy went ahead to ask who the real Machala is now that Obi Cubana has shadowed Wizkid‘s birthday with the burial of his mother and no one is even talking about his birthday on the gram as they talk about the burial.


He then advised that people should make money so that others won’t overshadow them with their activities on important days in their lives just as Obi Cubana has taken over social media making everyone forget about Wizkid‘s birthday.

Wizkid FC’s were there to defend their favorites asking the young man to relax because they haven’t forgotten that it’s his birthday and moreover Wizkid himself isn’t making any noise about his birthday since he might be celebrating it coded.

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