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How a business can take advantage of display advertising



How a business can take advantage of display advertising

Almost 60% of the global population are active internet users. That’s around 4.6 billion people that can be targeted online. The transition from traditional forms of advertising, like printed newspapers, to modern forms of digital advertising, like social media, has therefore increased the recognition opportunity for businesses. While accessing all internet users is near impossible, display advertising has the potential to land your business on the screens of your target audience.

How a business can take advantage of display advertising

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What is display advertising?

To put it simply, display advertising is a form of visual advertisement used for a product or service that can be made up of text, imagery, or video content. Taking various shapes, from banners to square dimensions, display advertising can be published on several digital outputs. Often, display ads are hosted on social media, 3rd party websites, and mobile apps – essentially, any online platform. Whether a business works with a media agency to deliver their ads for them or uses their own software in-house to target their display ads, finding the right space to publish them for the business type is essential. Some, for example, might be better suited to social media platforms like Facebook, as that is where their target audience sits, whereas some might benefit 3rd party publishers like Forbes.

Delivering display adverts

While the internet boasts billions of users, posting an ad onto the world wide web with the click of a finger isn’t guaranteed to gain both attention and traction. Rather, the process requires planning with a desired target audience in mind. Digital software and tools have the ability to segment your desired target audience by age, gender, location, and so on. This means that you can choose who sees your advert and who doesn’t.

Though, unfortunately, posting your advert out to your desired target audience, once again, doesn’t guarantee that they will see it. In a digital landscape that is plagued with ads, most will be familiar with pop-up ads. These types of adverts have the ability to destroy the potential of a business’s thorough advertisement campaign, as they can deflect attention away from good advertising. Luckily, businesses can combat this problem with malvertising protection which prevents malicious ads from stealing advertisement space and posing harm to online users.

Tracking display adverts

How a business can take advantage of display advertising

Source: Unsplash

Delivering display advertisements is all well and good but without keeping track of its performance, it would be impossible to identify if it fulfills its purpose: to gain attention and traction. Using the software available to track a display ads performance means you can identify how many people your ad has reached, how many people have engaged with the ad, and how many people have been converted from viewer to consumer. This is all part and parcel of good business advertising as these types of statistics will allow a business to identify its strong and weak areas, allowing improvements for future display advertising campaigns.

All in all, display advertising creates a huge opportunity for businesses, as it has the ability to reach a large audience of people. With that, comes the planning of such display advertising, including who to target, where to place the ad, how to safeguard it, and how to track it.

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