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Bolanle Accuses Ex Husband Of Domestic Violence (VIDEO)



Bolanle Accuses Ex Husband Of Domestic Violence (VIDEO)
Bolanle Accuses Ex Husband Of Domestic Violence (VIDEO)


The scandalous news about the estrangement of video-vixen, Bolanle and Lincoln has taken a different turn as she’s now released photo-evidence that she was brutally assaulted by Lincoln.

The video is enough evidence that the video vixen  Bolanle Pepper was a victim of domestic violence, the vixen was seen  Bruised and with Black eye, after her Husband Lincon Mercilessly beat her up on multiple occasion

Recall that the psycho ex-husband Lincoln has been ranting all over social media, that he’s no longer interested in the marriage and he sent Bolanle packing from their home. He also alleged that she used to constantly beat him up and that was why he decided to also beat her up.

He however never denied that he used to hit his wife, he was rather proud if himself , praising and gloating , claimed that he had another wife in south Africa far better than bolanle , their marriage only lasted 6 months but they are so many hidden stories yet to see the light of pay.

In new photos and videos that have hit the internet, Bolanle’s battered face can be seen and it’s alleged that Lincoln is responsible for the beating and injuries.

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