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PDP Blasts Buhari Led Administration



PDP Blasts Buhari Led Administration
PDP Blasts Buhari Led Administration


According to , the National Publicity Secretary Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Kola Ologbondiyan, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government is Nigeria’s worst in history, he said this statement in reaction to the President’s claim that his government has succeeded with the resources and time available to it.

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, shortly before going into a closed-door meeting with 12 governors, who paid him a visit at his country home on Kongolam Road, Daura, Katsina State, Buhari said history and posterity would judge his government over its efforts at restoring security in Nigeria and developing the nation’s economy, adding that he and APC governors are doing all within their powers to ensure that Nigeria moves forward.


His words:

“It’s not easy for us in this country to make people appreciate what we have gone through, but if you try to discuss in relation to time and resources, then you will appreciate what the APC government has done.

“So, I think all of us have done our best and we thank God that within the resources and time available, God has helped us and we have succeeded; otherwise, we would have been in trouble.

“So, I thank you very much for the visit, including those who have recently joined the party.

“I assure you that our intellectuals and historians will be expected to be fair to the APC government to examine the time and resources within which we operate, so that for those who are looking for positions of excellence in the Presidency and the governors not exposed to know the ignorance or lack of political knowledge of the ordinary people and feed them with lies.”

Feeding response to Buhari’s claims, Ologbondiyan expressed confidence that history will not be kind to the President because of the damage his government has done to Nigeria.

According to the PDP secretary, insecurity and corruption alone as made the country a butt of jokes under Buhari’s watch.

His words: “In case Mr. President is not aware, the summation of the opinion of most Nigerians is that his best is the worst for Nigeria.

“In case he is not aware, life in this country has become hellish, brutal, and short.


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