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Obi Cubana Has Spiritual Protection (Video)



Obi Cubana Has Spiritual Protection (Video)
Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana Has Spiritual Protection (Video)


Popular Kayamata seller Jaruma has warned ladies who want to use her product on Obi Cubana saying he has spiritual protection hence that won’t work on him.

Jaruma who seems to have been getting a lot of ladies coming to her to buy her products to use on Obi Cubana after seeing how rich he is has disappointed them by telling them that her product won’t work on Obi Cubana.

According to Jaruma, Obi Cubana and all other billionaires have spiritual protection therefore her products will never work on any of them unless you are able to break the protection they have to be able to use the product on them.

Jaruma added that she keeps telling ladies who want to use her products on billionaires that it won’t work but some don’t listen and now others want to use it on Obi Cubana and she’s still saying the same thing that it won’t work on him either.

Obi Cubana seems to have become a hot cake for ladies as everyone wants to have a bite of him after how he displayed wealth at the burial of his late mother forgetting that he’s a married man with kids and he loves his wife so much.

Some people think Obi Cubana loving and respecting his wife by not cheating and disgracing her in public contributes to the grace and favor he has as the prayers of a loving and supporting wife do a lot of magic that some people don’t know.