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Peruzzi Fires A Gun Outside The Club [VIDEO]



Peruzzi Fires A Gun Outside The Club
Peruzzi Fires A Gun Outside The Club


Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer Tobechukwu Victor, professionally known as Peruzzi and one of the lead members of Davido DMW gang created a rather unprofessional scene as he angrily stormed out of a night club after fans asked him to apologized for arriving late.

The ROYAL MAJESTY hit maker Peruzzi was actually billed to perform in the club for his fans and the guests had waited for long as it is was reported that he arrived at the venue at 4:17am and the guests including the organizers of the show were unhappy with him for turning up so late so he was asked to say sorry to the guests at the event but he refused.

A video shared online captures Peruzzi throwing the microphone away whilst angrily walking out of the club as the crowd scolded him and booed him saying ‘comot for here’.

According to the unidentified social media user, there was even sporadic shooting of gun outside the club from where Peruzzi’s car was parked and this incident occurred at Osogbo in Osun State.

many saw his reaction as un called for and an unnecessarily display of pride most people even wemt as far as call him a disgrace to the 30 BG gang saying even his boss Davido would never had acted in such manner.