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What Oyedepo Pays His Pastors Revealed



What Oyedepo Pays His Pastors Revealed
What Oyedepo Pays His Pastors Revealed


A pastor, who was part of the 40 pastors who were recently sacked by Bishop David Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church, has opened up about how the graduate pastors were paid N38,000 as salaries.

The sacked pastor explained that the gross salary he was receiving was N53,000 and they were paid N38,000 monthly as the remaining was used to cater for pension and housing allowance. The pastor spoke with Sahara Reporters and he preferred not to be revealed.

He said, “Oyedepo and his senior Pastors knew they would sack us before employing us. That was why they gave us employment on probation. Someone went online to post lies in support of the church that the recently sacked pastors were being paid N80,000 and house rent of N150,000.

“I will just say a little here; no employed pastor was paid N80,000 in the church. The highest salary is for degree holders which is N53,000 and, this N53,000 is not the net salary at the end of the month. The pastor will only receive N38,000 at the end of the month; N6,000 goes to the pension account and N9,000 goes to house rent aCountrie

“It is very funny that the pastors, we honored, could keep the money they removed from our salaries in their personal bank accounts for long without paying into our pension accounts. It was when they sacked us that they started paying into the pension accounts. Imagine that.

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