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37 Scholarships to Apply for in January 2022




Ah January, the start of a new year AND a great time to take advantage of all of the January scholarships that are out there 😉

Around the time of the holidays and as New Years approaches, forming New Years resolutions has become pretty common.

As a student, it might be helpful to separate your resolutions into a few different categories. For example, maybe you have academic resolutions in one bucket, and personal resolutions (like to drink more water, eat a little healthier, etc) in another.

Why am I talking to you about resolutions?

Well, unless you’ve been a super scholarship searcher and applier, the new year is a great time to set a new goal for yourself to apply for more scholarships!

Remember, scholarships are free money (!!) that you can win and put towards paying for your education. They’re great because they ultimately help to leave you in less debt once you’re finished with your degree.

So, in the mindset of using the new year as an opportunity to apply for more scholarships…

Here are 38 amazing January scholarships to help get you started!

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