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Ah, freshman year of college!

I remember my freshman year of college like it was just yesterday. Your freshman year of college usually involves typical activities such as getting acclimated to life on campus, meeting new people and starting to join clubs and student organizations.

If you’re me, you also spent a considerable amount of time locating the best pizza place on campus to order in from after a tough day of studying (I suggest you take notes on that one!).

It’s no secret that your first year of college likely involves a lot of firsts. Hopefully, applying for scholarships isn’t one of those first-time activities, but whether it is or not, the bottom line is that applying for scholarships as a college freshman is super important.

The habits that you develop as a first-year college student will eventually make their way into how you go about your remaining years, so by applying for scholarships as a college freshman, you’re already setting yourself up for later success (and hopefully lots of money!).

So, in this post, I highlight over 25 great scholarships for college freshmen to apply for.


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