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Scholarships for First Generation Students




One scholarship search tip that I repeat to students on the regular these days is how important it is to segment your scholarship search based on the building blocks that make up who you are. By “building blocks”, I mean…what are the various things that make you, YOU? 

In case you’re having trouble picturing what I mean, here are a few examples (PS – I suggest you write yours out in list format too, it helps!) … 

  • I am a soon-to-be STEM student 
  • I am a high school senior
  • I am from the state of Texas
  • I am passionate about reading 
  • I love doing crossword puzzles 
  • I enjoy helping others/my community in my free time 
  • I love competing through sports 
  • I am a first generation college student

If you’re the first in your family to attend college, that last bullet, “I am a first generation college student”, certainly applies to you, and it is most certainly part of who you are that you can leverage in your search for scholarships. 

In this post, we will highlight everything related to scholarships for first generation students, ranging from defining the term first generation to going over some awesome opportunities for students who do in fact identify as first generation. 

So, keep reading for more information and scholarships for first generation students!


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