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F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix qualifying LIVE: Verstappen quickest in FP3 with Hamilton third



f1 emilia romagna grand prix qualifying live verstappen quickest in fp3 with hamilton third
f1 emilia romagna gp


Max Vertsappen wants to give Lewis Hamilton ‘a proper fight’ for the title after labelling the Brit’s success ‘boring’.

He said: “F1 needs a proper fight because for the last few years it has been a bit boring.

“On the Monday after the race, as a fan you really want to be looking forward to the next one, knowing that there are two, or even three teams fighting for that win.

“I guess after Lewis won his last six championships where the battle was maybe not as high for him, now being a seven-time world champion and the most successful driver in F1, he really wants that battle.

“He has already achieved everything and way more than you can ever imagine. Winning those amount of titles is very rare and it is not going to happen many times.

“But he is like, ‘OK, I am getting towards the end of my career and it is nice to see the younger guys coming up and making it more difficult for me’.

“And, of course, from my side, I am very happy to make it more difficult for him.”

This post first appeared on The Sun

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