Sustainable gifting by Lucky Metal – a new take on the talisman

I wanted to introduce you to a new ethical jewel which I’m hoping might work for gifting features?

The Lucky Metal Tag is a new take on a collectible talisman to treasure – an individually numbered, tactile jewel, made from one ounce of pure platinum, minted and stamped like a precious metal bar created as a store of wealth, and priced according to the live rate at which platinum is trading.

Lucky Metal celebrates platinum, a metal prized for its rarity and 30 times scarcer than gold. This unique jewel also takes inspiration from the rhino, its innate strength, its grey-silvery color and its beauty all reminiscent of platinum. Holographically lasered inscriptions on the Tag include platinum’s beautiful ringed atomic structure and the year of minting on one side and a majestic rhino on the other. The Lucky Metal Tag is produced in South Africa, home to 80% of the world’s platinum and 80% of the world’s rhinos. Lucky Metal is proud to donate 10% of profits to The Rhino Orphanage. Every Tag is created and delivered to your door with minimum carbon footprint.

“The rhino encapsulates the spirit of Lucky Metal,” says Lucky Metal founder and CEO Dovi Friedmann, a British diamond and jewellery industry veteran who has forged his career in Hong Kong and London, handling world-class jewels along the way. “We are so proud to partner with The Rhino Orphanage to ensure that the rhino is protected and can flourish. By buying into our mission you can help conservation and humanitarian causes in South Africa continue to do the vital work that is needed.”

Sustainable thinking

· Lucky metal is dedicated to investing in South Africa, the country from which its platinum is sourced. The entire production and manufacturing process is conducted in-country. 
· Lucky Metal proudly donates 10% of all profits to the South African Rhino Orphanage, a centre that cares for orphaned and injured baby rhinos.
· 80% of the world’s Platinum derives from South Africa and 80% of Rhino’s live there. The motif of the rhino is essential to Lucky Metal’s brand. Uniqueness, strength and grace are qualities shared by platinum and the rhino.
· By undertaking all production within South Africa, Lucky Metal have managed to ensure their carbon footprint is kept to an absolute minimum. 
· Committed to making a sustainable and affordable product, Lucky Metal’s markup is only 30% – approximately 5 times less than most jewellers.

“Lucky metal” is a term often associated with cultural beliefs and superstitions rather than a specific metal acknowledged for bringing luck universally. Different cultures may have varying beliefs about metals and their supposed positive or negative influences. For example, in some cultures, people believe that wearing certain metals or gemstones can bring good luck or ward off negative energies.

Common metals associated with luck in various cultures include gold, silver, and copper. Gold, for its rarity and enduring value, is often considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Silver is associated with purity and protection in certain beliefs. Copper, with its historical significance and purported healing properties, is also thought to bring luck to those who wear it.

It’s important to note that beliefs about lucky metals are subjective and rooted in cultural or personal traditions rather than scientific evidence. People often choose to wear specific metals or adornments based on their cultural background, personal experiences, or superstitions passed down through generations.


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