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Call of Duty: Vanguard updates




Warnzone release date, new map and vehicles explained

Unsurprisingly, Warzone is back with a fresh lick of paint for the release of Vanguard.

new map drops at the beginning of Season 1 on December 3, or December 2 if you own Vanguard.

The new location is based in the Pacific: an entirely new island called Caldera.

It’s apparently roughly the same size as Verdansk, with more than 200 points of interest for players to explore.

You’ll explore a variety of locations such as beaches, forests, a small river settlement populated by huts, and even a dormant volcano.

Players will also have access to new vehicles with which to survey up their surroundings.

They include AA trucks and even propeller aircraft – a first for Warzone.

Activision has said the map’s design is “based on two years of research and listening to the community”.

Ahead of Caldera’s release, a number of special events in Verdansk will play out to gear players up for the new season.


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