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‘Cyber Brothel’ launches free VR world where high-tech sex dolls and humans get freaky




A VIRTUAL reality porn studio and a high-tech sex doll company are merging to offer a free VR world experience for randy customers.

Creators of the VR scene say they’re hoping to create another “layer of reality” by featuring a real adult actress and a humanoid high-tech sex doll.

The virtual reality brothel is a 180 degree experience


The virtual reality brothel is a 180 degree experienceCredit:

Porn studio BaDoinkVR and sex doll creator Kokeshi Cybrothel Berlin are collaborating on the project.

BaDoinkVR is the world’s leading virtual reality adult entertainment production company.

It creates 180 and 360-degree experiences that immerse users in creepy sci-fi sex worlds.

A lot of the top virtual reality websites are actually porn sites yet this probably wasn’t what you were thinking of when you talk about the metaverse.

Alexis Smiley Smith, a writer who worked on the new VR experience, explained: “We’re creating this other layer of reality that’s super textured with sci-fi and a kind of futuristic landscape.

“You’re actually having this kind of user experience where you’re in the VR world interacting with Angie Lynx.”

Angie Lynx is the adult actress who features in the VR world alongside sex dolls.

A recent study revealed that virtual reality porn use is on the rise and the number of female VR porn users has almost tripled from 2019 to 2021.

The global value of the VR adult content market is said to be around $716million (£540million) in 2021.

This has been predicted to rise to around $19billion (£14billion) in 2026, according to Juniper Research.

Psychologists have have been debating for years whether virtual sex can have positive or negative impacts on a person.

A recent study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found people with anxiety and depression are more likely to explore digital sex tech and may even use it for psychological relief.

However, people struggling with loneliness were found less likely to use it.

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