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Google Maps fans spot hilarious mountain ‘named after female genitals’ – as they vow to ‘explore hidden gem’




GOOGLE Maps fans are in stitches after spotting a mountain with a VERY rude name.

Fans recently shared their delight on Twitter at discovering Mount Clitoris in the Philippines.

Mount Clitoris in the Philippines as seen on Google Maps


Mount Clitoris in the Philippines as seen on Google MapsCredit: Google
The mountain is a popular hiking spot


The mountain is a popular hiking spotCredit: Google

The mountain, which sits about 167 miles (270km) north of the capital Manila, is a popular hiking spot.

Netizens were quick to point out that it shares its name with the part of a woman’s genitals that is responsible for the female orgasm.

The original viral tweet posted an image of the landmark alongside the caption “I don’t argue with people who can’t locate the clitoris”.

One person replied with “I found it on Google Maps”, attaching a screen grab of the location on the digital mapping service.

Another user replied: “Guide: If you just look over this way, you’ll find Mount Clitoris! Men: Where?”

Others said that, despite the Google listing, they “still couldn’t find it” and that it “a fabled myth. A fool’s errand. It doesn’t exist.”

One tongue-in-cheek review left on Google Maps said: “Very good to explore, plenty of fun. definitely recommend.”

The mountain province is situated at Tadian on the island of Luzon.

According to Travel My Globe, Mount Clitoris is more popularly known as Mount Mogao.

The site describes it as a “hidden gem tucked away waiting to be explored.”

It’s the latest of a string of strange finds on Google’s mapping tool.

Last week, The Sun shared that eagle-eyed Google Maps fans had found a cornfield maze in Arizona that some claimed was left there by aliens.

Satellite images of the location on the search giant’s digital mapping tool show intertwining lines that form a message when viewed from above.

The text reads “healthcare heroes” and is accompanied by a heart with a cross in the middle flanked by other shapes and patters.

One Reddit user joked: “Best crop circle I’ve seen in a minute.”

Apparently, the Andelin family changes the pattern and message in their five-acre patch of land every year.

The “healthcare heroes” iteration is from last year, and it has since been changed, one Reddit user claimed.

They said: “They have a new theme for this year, #forever14 to being mental health awareness to youth issues.

“They have some drone footage on their website. You could expect satellite in a few months depending upon the provider that you prefer.”

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