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I found a way to ensure you NEVER lose an important WhatsApp message again




IF you’re tired of losing important WhatsApp messages in a big chat you may want to try this trick.

It can help you remember an address, a birthday or any other important information that you may have been sent.

Starred Messages can help you avoid forgetting special events


Starred Messages can help you avoid forgetting special events

WhatsApp has a feature that means you don’t have to lose these messages in a mass of other texts.

It’s a bookmark feature that lets you flag certain texts that you can then go and view in the Starred Messages section of the app.

To bookmark a text, hold down on the message and press the star icon at the top of your screen.

Starred messages appear in this tab.

This will automatically save it to your Starred Messages cache.

You can then access the message any time by tapping the three dots in the top right hand corner of the app’s home screen.

Tapping on them even brings you back to that exact point in the chat, so you can even check why and when it was sent.

Of course, WhatsApp already has a system in place to ensure you never lose a message.

Its backup tool automatically saves every message you send to your phone’s memory.

The Starred Messages system is different, however, because it lets you pick out specific texts to save for later.

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